IB plan
Whether you are a large-size financial institution, professional trader, fund manager or individual we can customize the most appropriate trading plan for you. The low threshold of IB and the high competitiveness of the commission refund system make IB plan suitable for brokers of any scale.
IB Broker Plan
IB broker plan is expected to provide the best commission returns in the market. Our professional team has rich foreign exchange experience and ensures topnotch fluidity in the world. Becoming a partner of APJFX eliminates complicated formalities and enormous costs of trading system construction and realizes all-around support.
FCA supervision
APJFX is under the strict supervision of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of Britain, with the regulation code of 766959. Its operating capitals and client capitals are deposited separately with a topnotch international bank.
FCA supervision FCA supervision
MAM multi-account management
High performance and multiple execution modes are provided to IB partners, including distribution on the basis of balance, number of orders, percentage and net value. Distribution starts when the trading volume is 0.01 board lot.
MAM multi-account management MAM multi-account management
Customizable marketing plan
APJFX customizes the most effective marketing plan for each IB partner and helps IB broker in the marketing efforts with an aim to acquire massive returns.
Customizable marketing plan Customizable marketing plan
Training support
APJFX team produces a training plan for each IB and provides free training of professional knowledge. A timely solution is available from the client manager if you encounter any problem during foreign exchange trading.
Training support Training support
Diversified support policies
APJFX will hold a series of offline exhibitions and salons in the Asia-pacific region and recruit domestic professional analysts to have face-to-face communication and exchange with traders.
Diversified support policies Diversified support policies
Dedicated manager
Each IB partner of APJFX has a dedicated manager who is familiar with IB's step-by-step progress since entry into the financial market, provides services readily and produces a solution suitable for the IB.
Dedicated manager Dedicated manager
Whitemark Trader Partnership Plan
Becoming a whitemark partner of APJFX eliminates complicated formalities and enormous costs of trading system construction. We have customized a whitemark solution for our clients in order to reduce the operating costs of partners. We will provide all-around MT4 system and technical support to our whitemark partners so as to help you establish your business brand quickly. Welcome to apply for our whitemark partner. We enjoy a competing edge in this regard.
1 Customize trading conditions for your clients
2 Provide all-around MT4 system and bridging technical support
3 Professional operational support, including professional education and training
4 Define your trading expenses and spreads
5 Customizable background office, including CRM
6 Establish your brand influence in the financial industry
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Contract for difference (CFD) may cause your losses greater than the initial investments. Please make sure that you fully understand the risks involved.
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Our services include transactions of foreign exchange and CFD products and therefore there is the risk of losses greater than initial registered capital. These products may not be suitable for every investor. Please make sure that you fully understand the risks involved.